AVI, Audio Video Installation was started officially in 1990. Previous to that I spent twelve years in retail electronics working  for companies
like Audio Warehouse, Tokyo Shapiro, Northeast Appliance and Audio Craft.

During that time I had many requests from customers to come to their home, connect their equipment and instruct them on how to use it. Those requests gave me the idea to start this company.

Stereo equipment has gone through a lot of changes during the past twenty years. CD Players, Remote Control, Home Theater, DSS and Blu-Ray  are only some of the exciting things that have happened to this industry.

Along with these changes installing, programming and using the equipment has become a lot more complicated. 

My goal is to make using your equipment as easy as possible so that you can enjoy it. That is done by designing a system around your needs, connecting it so that it will be easy to use and instructing you on how to use it.

This applies to something as basic as a TV and DVD or as elaborate as a Dedicated Home Theater or a Multi Zone Stereo System that can be controlled from any room in the home.